Reception Building Dens And Hunting For Mini-beasts At The Rising Sun Country Park.

Growing and learning together

July 14th, 2017

avatar Foundation Stage
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Reception have enjoyed walking to the Rising Sun Country Park. We explored different ways of building dens and then looked for mini-beats. Using our mini bug viewers with a magnifying lens on the top we looked closely at many different mini-beasts.

The children loved exploring how they moved and looking at the bodies of the mini-beasts. We closely at slugs, centipedes, millipedes, a dragon fly, a bee, spiders, worms, beetles, woodlouse, daddy long legs and more.

Some of the dens had interesting features including a washing line, a washing machine, a rabbit trap to catch lunch, a TV and remote and many more.

The children have had an amazing day and their manners and Behaviour were exemplary. Well done Reception!