Year 1 Visit Beamish for Victorian Lesson

Growing and learning together

March 2nd, 2020

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As part of our Victorian theme in History we visited Beamish Musuem. Our journey started with a trip of the upstairs, downstairs tram which was great fun. We then went to the town to visit the dentist. We learnt rich families used tooth brushes with pig hairs and poorer families used soot on special wood to brush their teeth.

Next, we ventured to see sweets being made in the old fashioned sweet shop. There was so many sweets to choose from! Then we strolled down to the bank and visited the vault down stairs which had to special guards. After that, we crossed the road to the bakers to sample some delicious home made short bread. Then down the street we popped into the hardware shop, the draper store and the grocery shop.

We then jumped onto the rickety, bumpity bus to the pit village for lunch. After lunch, we visited the pit houses before going for our Victorian Lesson. We played in the yard first, then the old school bell rang for us to line up. Our teacher, Mr James was fantastic. He taught us about the three r’s, reading, writing and arithmetic. He told us about the heroine Grace Darling and how she risked her life to save others.

Our last visit of the day was a quick trip down the deep, dark mine. Inside was dark and damp. We had to wear helmets just in case as the ceiling was very low.

Thank you Beamish for a wonderful day!