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April 30th, 2015

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Year 5-6 Summer Term Newsletter

Summer Term Topics
This half-term Year 5’s topic is Keen to be Green! In Art, we will be focusing upon environmental artists. This will include a lot of outdoor work. Ecology and environmental issues will be the main focus of our topic work.
In Year 6, the topic is Lights, Camera, Action! This will involve looking at the history of film and photography. The children will be involved in all kinds of projects including a project with the Tyneside Cinema. Also during this half-term, the children will begin an Enterprise project in partnership with Virgin Bank which will involve making £5 grow. You will get more information as the project develops, but the children will need their creative juices to be flowing to pitch their best money-making ideas to a panel of Virgin Bank staff.

Year 6 SATS
The SATs are drawing ever closer for Year 6 and this half-term is crucial for all of Year 6 in preparing them to show their true potential during the tests.
It is vitally important that all children are in school every day this half-term and are on time each morning, ready to put 100% effort in to all of their lessons.
We are doing lots of work in school to ensure the children can do their absolute best. You can help at home too, making sure children complete all of their homework on time, get plenty of sleep and have a good breakfast each morning.
Don’t forget about Mathletics as a good source of revision for mental maths and further revision for the SATs. There are also links on the website for games and activities children can do for revision.

Key Dates
Monday 4th- Bank Holiday
Monday 11th- Friday 15th – Yr6 SATs WEEK
Friday 15th- Yr6 Trip to the Park
Monday 18th- Launch of Yr6 Make £5 Grow enterprise project
Thursday 4th – Hawkhirst Trip meeting for Parents 3.30-4.30pm
Friday 12th- The Big First Aid Lesson Live
Wednesday 17th- Year 6 visit to the Tyneside Cinema
Monday 15th June-Friday 19th June- Year 6 will be selling their ‘Make £5 Grow’ products in school.
Wednesday 24th – Enterprise Event at Burnside
Friday 26th- Sports Day
Monday 29th June & Tuesday 30th June- Yr6 Granny’s Handbag project
Wednesday 1st & Thursday 2nd – Burnside Transition Days
Friday 3rd- Reports out
Monday 6th- Wednesday 8th- Hawkhirst Trip Yr6
Monday 13th- Meeting for new Year 5 & 6 Parents to meet the Yr5-6 Team
Tuesday 14th July- 2pm Family Picnic and Summer Fair

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