Year 6 Homework 5th June 2015

Growing and learning together

June 5th, 2015

Here is the homework for this week (Friday 5th June 2015) Year 6! Homework will be posted here every week. There are no excuses for not doing the work you need to do.

Learning Log is due in on Monday 8th June:

English- L.O. To create a comic strip about time travel

We are doing our Time Machine project in English. You could put Ava Scott into an adventure in your comic strip or King Kronos or both! Use the example you have to help you create your own.

Maths- L.O. To use logic skills to solve a puzzle

You have a variety of Sudoku puzzles to solve. We went through an example together. Remember that the same digit cannot be repeated in any square, or row horizontally or vertically. The classic one is digits 1-9 but you also have one 1-4 to get you started.

There is no Spelling Log this week.

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