NTLT Star Awards

Growing and learning together

May 6th, 2020

Every year the North Tyneside Learning Trust host a ‘Star Awards’ in the summer term. The awards celebrate the amazing and exceptional qualities that children demonstrate in school and in the local community. This year’s awards are still going ahead but in a slightly different format, they are still really keen to celebrate what is going on, examples may include meeting the challenges of home learning to helping out family, friends and the community safely. The 2020 Star Awards will remain open until the end of the academic year for parents, teachers, family and friends to ‘Nominate a Star’.

The online nomination form can be found here. Every child nominated will receive a certificate, so if you know of a child who has shown outstanding resilience, adopted a can do attitude, demonstrated exceptional acts of kindness, volunteered to help others or has just been amazing then here is an opportunity to recognise them.