PE and Sports Grant

Growing and learning together

In October 2013 Redesdale Primary School received its first installment of the PE and Sports Grant.

This first amount of £5,471 has been spent on:

  •  the new Fit Grid and training for our new Year 5 and 6 Sports Leaders.
  • employing a Sports Apprentice, Mr Jamieson,  to support the delivery of PE in school and encourage more sporting activities in school. Mr Jamieson is also developing intra-school cometitions as well as supporting inter-school competitions.
  • staff training in PE aspects. This is a Burnside Partnership initiative. Burnside staff deliver or organise the training which is delivered in pairs of primary schools and involves children to help demonstrate skills. Each half term children then take part in a sports festival involving all the partnership schools.

Impact of this spending includes:

  • children have a range of activities to complete on the fit grid which are used in PE lessons and at breaks and lunchtimes
  • the fit grid is used to deliver specific fitness programmes
  • our Year 5 and 6 Sports Leaders are able to lead additional activities and developed their confidence to lead our Sports Relief activities
  • staff have received quality professional development in PE
  • there has been an increase in sporting festivals for children in KS1 and KS2
  • there has been a dodgeball tournament for Year 5 and 6 children during the Spring Term

Priroties for the 2014 installment were:

  • updating and renewing equipment to enable all aspects of PE to be taught effectively
  • further training for staff
  • the development of new sporting opportunities for children
  • further develop playtime opportunities for developing key skills
  • the development of a new PE curriculum

The impact of these priorities and the additional funding is detailed below:

  •  New equipment has been ordered to deliver the new curriculum and to facilitate new clubs and intra-school competitions. These have increased children’s interest and engagement with new sports.
  • A new cycle of professional development has been started with specific focus this year on gynmastics, dance and athletics. The training looks at developing key skills throughout the primary age range and how these link with our new curriculum planning.
  • We have engaged the services of other providers to support games development at lunchitmes – linking with the work of our new sports leaders, and introduce new sports clubs at break times, lunch times and after school.
  • The interest of the children in sports activities has increased and there has been a high number of children keen to participate in competitions.