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school meals

School meals have undergone big changes over the last few years and here in North Tyneside we strive to devise healthy, well-balanced menus that pupils will enjoy.

All meals are freshly prepared in school every morning and meet the rigorous school food guidelines set out by the Government.

For just £2.20 per day, less than the price of your typical take-away coffee, your child can enjoy a choice of freshly cooked main courses accompanied by fresh salad or vegetables, bread and a tasty pudding.

Our school meals are designed to give your child exactly the right kind of foods to keep them going until teatime, including lots of energy-giving carbohydrates and at least two of their five a day fruit and vegetables.

The link below shows the school lunch menu on a three week cycle. Please note for the first week of a new term the menu may change. We always restart on Week 1 following a school holiday.

School Meals Calendar September – December 2018

School Meals Menu 2018 Week 1

School Meals Menu 2018 Week 2

School Meals Menu 2018 Week 3

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