Early Reading

Growing and learning together


At Redesdale Primary School we have designed our early reading curriculum with the intent that all children, regardless of background, will become fluent, insightful readers. We have developed a curriculum that will instil in all children a love of reading that we hope will stay with them for life. We understand that children who are confident adept readers will be empowered to succeed in all other areas. Parents and carers play a vital role in the development of early reading and in nurturing positive habits and attitudes towards reading and we welcome this and their contribution.

We will deliver an early reading program that comprises of:

  • direct, focused phonics which is taught every day in Reception and Key Stage 1
  • phonics will be taught progressively from Foundation to Y2 as an effective way of developing children’s reading and spelling skills. Sight-recognition of words will complement the teaching of phonics.
  • children will read from books with the sounds they know, while they are learning to read
  • teachers and teaching assistants provide extra practice through the day for specific children
  • all children will read age-appropriate books
  • teachers instil in children a love of literature: the best stories and poems