Mission Statement & Values

Growing and learning together



Mission Statement and Values

“Growing and Learning Together”

“At Redesdale Primary School we continually strive to create an environment which is inspiring, challenging and vibrant; enabling our children to reach their full potential as well as gaining valuable life skills to succeed in society”

 We will:

  1. Provide an education which places importance on the development of the whole child; academically, intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially.
  1. Provide an environment where each child is encouraged to develop to the full extent of their ability. Where each person is valued and able to make a positive contribution to the school.
  1. Encourage in children a sense of pride in themselves, their work, their school and their community.
  1. Immerse children in a broad, balanced, stimulating and connected curriculum.
  1. Promote a strong partnership between home and school where parents are encouraged to take an active part in their child’s education.
  1. Provide equal opportunities in work and play, and treat all individuals fairly.
  1. Value and celebrate the diversity of our society and promote respect and tolerance. Help children value all cultures, religions, lifestyles and languages equally in our multi-cultural society.
  1. Collaborate with local schools, employers and the local community.
  1. Promote and develop aesthetic, cultural and creative understanding by:
    • developing a sense of heritage and appreciation for the locality, community and world;
    • developing a sense of spiritual awareness.
  1. Continually monitor, evaluate and review our provision and progress ensuring teaching and learning reflects new technologies in an ever changing world.